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In a world of constantly-evolving technology, businesses can become easily overwhelmed with a mounting number of tasks. Many businesses struggle to balance security with efficiency. Employees continue to take advantage of convenient alternatives to security best practices. But no organization should have to settle for subpar security. With Okta, you can enjoy both heightened security and greater productivity within your business.

Okta’s goal is to enable companies to succeed in a world of ever-changing technology. Okta provides a variety of products and solutions that make it easier to handle security, collaboration, and access management.

Okta Products

Single Sign-On

Security often comes down to a battle between what offers you the greatest protection and what is most convenient. With Single Sign-On (SSO), you no longer have to choose between the two.

Okta allows for secure web integration with any app or modern API. Sign in once, and immediately gain access to all of your apps. Users who use Okta SSO are able to log in and use new apps 50% faster than before. SSO also allows for up to five times faster integration.

While single sign-on allows for much greater convenience, its ease of use does not sacrifice security. Okta SSO includes real-time security reporting, including geolocation tracking and pre-built application access reports.

Multi-Factor Authentication

In today’s technology world, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is becoming a necessity. Passwords just aren’t cutting it anymore, but Okta can help you find an MFA solution that improves your security, without sacrificing convenience. Okta offers authentication options for employees, partners, and customers. MFA is simple to deploy and maintain, without affecting user productivity. Okta also relies on contextual access management, meaning that your accounts will recognize your location, device, and IP address in order to authorize access to your account. With Okta, you can choose from a variety of MFA options, including: 
  • Security questions 
  • Passwords 
  • One-time passwords (OTP) via SMS, voice, email, and software 
  • Push notifications
  • FIDO 2.0/Webauthn factors 
  • Biometrics
In addition to MFA, Okta offers passwordless authentication through a one-click process. This provides greater convenience, minimizes security risks, and reduces costs associated with password management.

Universal Directory

Okta’s Universal Directory allows you to manage all of your users, groups, and devices from one central location. The directory securely stores users and passwords, making it easy to manage employee permissions.

The Okta Universal Directory provides up to five times faster integration of acquired businesses and eliminates the need for helpdesk calls and password resets. Keep all of your information secure in a single location with Okta’s Universal Directory.

Lifecycle Management

In addition to improving your efficiency, Okta can help you improve your sustainability through Lifecycle Management (LCM).

The plan includes pre-integrated provisioning, allowing you to syn groups, contacts, and devices. Okta will detect different user attributes throughout all of your applications, making it easier to match groups, assign and revoke licenses, and streamline the offboarding process.

With prescriptive lifecycle orchestration, you can easily control users of various lifecycle states by customizing your own rules, policies, workflows, and APIs. Automate lifecycle tasks to significantly reduce management time and promote efficiency.

Manage your LCM with your preferred HR system or application, including Workday, UltiPro, BambooHR, SuccessFactors, G Suite, and Netsuite.

Okta LCM can save you 30 minutes per application provisioning request and $20 per user.

API Access Management

Custom apps come with an API backend that can be difficult to manage. Okta API Access Management provides you with centralized authorization so you can control security across multiple teams, vendors, or instances.

Okta’s identity-driven policy engine allows you to easily configure access policies and control authorization to API resources. You have the option to define access based on groups, network, client, and consent. You can also protect an unlimited number of API resources behind any gateway.

Okta API Access Management saves developer teams an average of 2 weeks per year. When using API Access Management, your chances of experiencing a data breach from exposed APIs is reduced by 100%.

Advanced Server Access

Advanced Server Access goes beyond Identity Access Management (IAM) to provide unified server access across any cloud. Designed for an elastic cloud infrastructure, Advanced Server Access delivers a seamless user experience.

You can easily automate your account lifecycle management, saving you time and money. Okta also integrates with your configuration management, allowing you to automate IAM controls through any configuration management provider of your choice.

Access Gateway

Protect your hybrid cloud by securing access to on-premise apps, all without changing their configuration. Okta Access Gateway allows you to access both on-premise and cloud apps through a single login.

Adaptive MFA protects on-premise apps through a variety of authentication factors. You can easily deny risk access, while also providing users with a passwordless experience.

With Okta, you can easily streamline app onboarding, without changing your on-premise code. Native integrations allow you to integrate with popular and complex on-premise applications.

Reduce costs and improve security with Okta Access Gateway. You can expect up to an 80% reduction in TCO and administration costs, as well as a 50% reduction in security breaches.

Okta Solutions


Moving to the cloud can help businesses improve efficiency and experience greater flexibility in a secure environment. Currently, 96% of organizations use some form of cloud computing (Okta). However, migrating to the cloud can also lead to a variety of risks if businesses aren’t prepared.

Okta can help you expedite your transformation through a variety of products and integrations.

For example, single-sign on and multi-factor authentication protect your data stored in the cloud, while offering a simple way to access all of your apps at once.

Okta also promotes efficiency. A universal directory makes it easier to manage all of your contacts within the cloud, and Okta’s advanced server access provides an easy way to control access management for your entire infrastructure.

Regardless of your goals within the cloud, Okta can help you streamline your workflow and enjoy greater security within the cloud.


In addition to a secure cloud environment, Okta can help you develop greater success when you collaborate with partners. Okta enhances your collaborative goals to make partnerships more productive, reduce IT complexity, and eliminate security vulnerabilities.

With Okta, collaboration is made easy by giving partners credentials to easily access necessary resources. Okta’s lifecycle management to automate partner lifecycles and centralize user management. Everything you share with partners can be viewed from a secure portal to ensure that only authorized users have access to secure information.

Prepare for the Future with Access Management

Okta’s access management platform makes it easier to prioritize security. From single sign-on to advanced server access, Okta will help you better manage your clients, employees, and projects, without sacrificing important security measures. 

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