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Our Utah based IT Services empower you and help you stay business focused and growth centered.

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IT Services
For All Sizes of Companies

It’s a sad fact that many companies see their IT department as a cost center, when in reality, it has every ability to be business-focused to assist in growth. It’s obvious that the IT department, when properly functioning, is a real asset to any given organization. We know this is your goal and it’s ours too. Because we care, our managed IT services and support help you and guide you to be able to achieve your vision and expectations centered around your needs and goals.

Managed IT Services

Get more done with a dedicated Managed IT Service behind you doing the heavy lifting!

This package is perfect for small to medium size businesses ready to grow!

    •    24×7 Monitoring Services
      •    vCIO (Virtual Chief Officer)
        •    Detailed Quarterly Reports
        •    Hardware 7 Software Audits
          •    Performance & Preventative Maintenance Reports
          •    LogMeIn Pro Remote Control
          •    Patch Management
          •    Patch Whitelisting Service
          •    Anti-Virus Definition Monitoring
          •    Endpoint Anti-Virus Software
          •    Virus & Malware Removal
          •    Web-based Management Portal
          •    Performance Monitoring
            •    Administrative Scripting
            •    Operating System (Windows), Mac & Mobile Support
            •    Software Installations
            •    Asset Management
            •    Trouble Ticket Management (Client Portal)
            •    3rd Party Vendor Management
            •    Centralize Monitoring & management of Networks and Endpoints
            •    Unlimited Remote and On-site Support Options
            •    24×7 Helpdesk Support Options 

Unique Pricing

Additional Services

Hosted email with 99.999% up time, advanced spam filtering, HIPAA, PCI, SOX and other industry specific compliance and encryption. 

Managed Security Services

CR-T provides you a complete security foundation.

Combine intelligent profiling and alerting with support in form of a Security Operations Center (SOC).

    •   Add this package on to your MSP or Enterprise Essentials package
    •   SEDR: Detect & Respond Monitoring (servers)
    •   EPP: End Point Protection
    •   SIEM: Monitoring Syslog – Network
    •   Quarterly Reports
    •   Platform includes LEM (Log Event Management)
    •   24/7 SOC analysts who understand your environment and mutating threats
    •   An integrated platform for monitoring threat detection and response, and compliance
    •   Enhanced Visibility across the network and endpoints
  •   Tools for ingestion from other secure applications

Unique Pricing

Enterprise Essentials
(Remote Monitoring & Management)

The perfect tool for that extra help for your IT department.

Strategically optimize and protect your infrastructure while on the cloud or on-premise.

  •    Hardware & Software Reports
  •    Performance & Preventative Maintenance Reports
  •    LogMein Pro Remote Control
  •    Patch Management
  •    Patch Whitelisting Service
  •    Anti Virus Definition Monitoring
  •    Endpoint Anti-Virus Software
  •    Web-based Management Portal
  •    Performance Monitoring
  •    Administration Scripting
  •    Asset Management
  •    24×7 On-Line Monitoring

Unique Pricing


"I wanted to take a minute to let you know how awesome CR-T was with this migration. When I started here with a competitor of CR-T we did a similar migration to AppRiver and we had 5 people involved in the migration and still had numerous issues. I was a little worried about having just one guy handle it all, but this migration couldn’t have gone better or smoother. The CR-T engineer was so thorough and on top of everything, I was highly impressed. Makes CR-T look really good."

"We also came in about $2,000 less than proposed which makes CR-T look great to our CFO and management. Looking forward to future opportunities"
Forsgren Logo - Managed IT Services
Forsgren Associates INC
"When you consider the built in quality, performance, upgradability, warranty, and after the sale service, the unanimous choice is CR-T."
Symantic Labs
"CR-T has been providing us IT services for over 5 years now and has continued to provide prompt delivery with quality service.

It’s a relief to have a partnership that acts as an extension of my own staff, allowing us to manage client expectations with resource leveling. I rely on CR-T to remain a key partner for all our IT services."
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Avalon Health Care Group

Managed IT Services That Help You GROW!

Think of us as your IT Department or an addition to your staff. We are fluid and adaptable to your needs. We strategically optimize and protect your infrastructure while performing day-to-day maintenance that keeps your users from experiencing downtime.

Enjoy a MSP pricing model designed to save you money while still providing high value and beneficial support!

Detect and stop IT issues before they affect your bottom line.

CR-T’s Managed IT Services are built to cover all your IT support needs; including employee workstations, servers, and other devices on your network that are necessary for your organization’s efficiency. By performing regular maintenance and monitoring of your systems 24x7x365, we can drastically reduce the amount of downtime your staff experiences. 

Our team is always looking out for your business and will help you meet your IT needs as you grow. Our proactive maintenance can keep your IT investments running smoothly and experienced support staff can assist your users with any technology related issues.

Imagine being able to finally budget your IT expenses. Imagine no longer being labeled as a cost center in your company’s organization. Issues will get resolved so much quicker and with greater efficiency if your entire staff can call for support without increasing your monthly IT expenses. 

Furthermore, we are one of the few in the country that has high tier technicians that are well equipped and certified to handle any projects you may have. Due to our expertise, we are able to offer a unique “Per User & Per Device” model versus the more common approach in the industry of charging per device for managed IT services.

With CR-T Truehelp Support, you and your staff can focus entirely on important business issues that need your attention, instead of using much needed resources to fix IT related challenges.

With Co-Managed IT Support, you are able to: 

– Reduce deployment times
– Control cost and resources
– Simplify contracts and scalability
– Maximize security capabilities

Do you already have an internal IT support department or a technical guru on-site that handles most of your day-to-day IT issues? We aren’t here to replace them, but have instead developed a strategic partnership package tailored to meet the needs of internal IT departments. We can be that extra push needed to lift your heavy burdens allowing you to focus on important growth directions of your organization.

Now, If you don’t have your own a fully staffed IT Department, we can be that for you. We recognize that the cost of staffing your own team can be high. Our Managed IT Services are designed to give you top quality at a cost advantage to you. 

We have a large range of Certifications that we pay thousands of dollars each year in order to better support you and your IT needs.

Our certifications cover a broad range from branded certifications like DELL, Microsoft, and more to specialties in security, cloud, infrastructure, VOIP, networking, etc.  

Managed IT Security Services - Tailor Made For You!

In the past few years, cyber-attacks have evolved to be a dangerous threat to every business big and small. Interestingly, 80% of security results are driven by the “human element” coupled with mature processes. As your guide, consultant, and extra hand, CR-T Security provides you the protection that your business needs in the ever-changing new landscapes of threats such as ransomware, malware, phishing, social engineering and more.


CR-T makes it easy for your budget with per-device monthly fixed-rate options catered to your specific infrastructure.

Did you know that 20% of security operations consist of technology and tools? 

Rest easy with a complete security foundation.

CR-T’s Managed Security Services provide a complete  foundation to meet your security demands. We make profiling easy by allowing customizable profiles for specific targeting. Not sure you want customized profiling? We also offer out-of-the-box pre-built profiles gathered from the industry. Each profile is stacked up with risk scoring and alert thresholds for maximum efficiency.

CR-T leverages attack forensics and intelligent automation to identify advanced malware, exploits, and script-based stealth attacks. We also leverage industry-leading SIEM technology to collect, analyze and correlate information to identify security incidents, policy violations, fraudulent activity, and other  threats. When any of these are identified, we’ll quickly take action to mitigate the attack and provide the steps to recover and remediate the attack. 

Our advanced  reporting meets log management and threat analysis requirement for 23 regulatory standards including SOX, PCI, HIPAA & GLBA. 

CR-T Security is backed by our SOC facility, fully staffed 24x7x365 with a top tier in-house team of cybersecurity experts (CR-T TrueHelp Desk) who can address threats as quickly as possible. Leveraging market leading endpoint detection and response technology, we can identify and confirm malicious attacks in progress and, when discovered, will activate remediation steps including scrubbing the system of any remnants of an attack.

Together, we provide a powerful combination of software and services, including:

1. LEM & EDR- Log Event Management, advanced monitoring, detection, response and remediation services to stop active threats and minimize harm.

2. Intelligent reporting and documentation capabilities, including real-time alerting, network log and activity monitoring.

3. Threat profiles that map to specific attack vectors and protection needs, with real-time alerting when a system or site reaches risk levels that are above acceptable thresholds.

We address every aspect of network infrastructure security and every phase of the IT System’s development lifecycle. 

We deliver detailed reporting that aligns with the requirements of regulations and cybersecurity standards of the industry. Your security should also be able to address compliance reporting for PCI, HIPAA, NIST, SOX, GLBA, FFIEC, and others.


Get analysis, monitoring, and threat intelligence needed to effectively protect your business from cyber attacks across endpoints and networks. Our SOC (Security Operations Center) service ensures you identify threats and support regulatory requirements through a fully integrated range of response and remediation capabilities which keep your environments and data safe and available 24/7. 


Sadly, over 1000 security products (and counting) in 14 different cyber-security categories have IT pros, like you, drowning in choices of point solutions that don’t even integrate well or fill every security gap. Also, currently there are 1,000,000 unfilled security jobs which makes it unreasonable for you to recruit, train, and retain qualified professionals.

We advance security software with support from our Security Operations Center (SOC), empowering you to get back to business, and assured that you are defended with the best technology and staff in the industry.

Your SOC should decrease the risk of threats to sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Protected Health Information (PHI), Intellectual Property (IP) Data, and much more.

We invest the hundreds of thousands of dollars needed to have a phenomenal Security Operations Center so that you don’t have to. Reduce your costs by 70% or more when compared to in-house SOC and on-premise SIEM. Furthermore, our TrueHelp desk is here for you 24/7. Contacting us is easy. Use our dedicated phone line or our online TrueHelp Ticketing System.

Enterprise Essentials
(Remote Monitoring & Management Tool Set)

Perfect for enterprise level companies. You may be asking yourself, “I already have an IT department, do I really need a full outside IT Support Team?”. The answer may be no, however; you may need a tool set that helps off load many time consuming tasks that your team members could easily use to push growth centered projects forward.

Our RMM Tool Set turns your team into the hero in your organization. Furthermore, our tool set is easily installed onto each device with a pay-per-device model, granting you true visibility – with proactive tools and NOC services – into your organization.

Enjoy Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tools that you can automate and monitor routine IT service activities, leading to a dramatic increase in efficiency and goal completion. Your tool set can connect to a broad range of devices including: 

– Windows servers and workstations 
– Linux, Mac, and other server and desktop operating systems
– Routers, switches and other network equipment
– Firewalls, security devices and anti-malware appliances and applications

CR-T tools provide true visibility into the end-to-end application environment including you organization’s applications, servers, virtualization, storage and network to quickly detect and diagnose issues that affect service delivery. In addition, every client has their own customized, secure  web-based management portal for full access to all the information and reporting for their environment and infrastructure.

Scan all your devices, VMs, and network devices with simple scanning operations. Build and maintain a comprehensive inventory to manage all your non-IT assets and crucial IT assets.

Get comprehensive asset information like different hardware pieces and specifications, scan history, installed vs inventory of software licenses, asset ownership history, and the state or your assets in a single pane of glass.


Empower your organization with endpoint anti-virus application and anti-malware. 

We deliver detailed reporting that aligns with the requirements of regulations and cybersecurity standards of the industry. Your Security efforts should also be able to address compliance reporting for PCI, HIPAA, NIST, SOX, GLBA, FFIEC, and others — ours does.

With the number of new vulnerabilities rising each year, smart patching procedures have never been more important. CR-T’s tools automatically test and deploy patches when they are viable and restrict patches that are harmful. 

Get better protection while you spend less time managing endpoints and more time growing your business. 

Our Unique Process

1. Identification

Start your journey to achieve your vision by first scheduling a consultation where we learn and perform a needs audit that is unique to your environment and organization.

In this initiatory step, we go through a proprietary identification phase that allows us and empowers you to learn about all the needs and expectations that you and your infrastructure demands.

2. Determination

This next step is our Determination phase. This phase takes all the data and information that we gathered about your environment from the Identification Phase.

In this 2nd phase, we will create a plan and strategy of implementation that you will pass off on to get your vision underway.

3. Resolution

This is the final stage where dreams and vision become a reality!

In this phase, we do all the heavy lifting to complete your project. 

Industries We Serve

Financial Institutions
Start Ups
Small Businesses
Middle Size Businesses
SaaS Companies
Contracting Companies
Multi-Level / Networking Marketing

Health Care Providers
Private Schools (Academies)
School Districts
Non-Profit Organizations
Enterprise Level Organizations
City / Municipalities
Law Offices
Engineering Offices
Recreation / Entertainment

No matter your industry or project demand, we are always aware of your time, needs, budget, and regulatory demands (HIPAA, PCI, SOX, etc). Our goal is to both consult you so that you are always informed of the best practice possible for your needs. Furthermore, it is our mission to off-load your burden so that you can focus on growth while we shoulder the rest. 

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