CR-T Gives Back

Our goal is to leave the community better than how we found it.

At CR-T, we make it a priority to giving back to the communities where we work and live. We are committed to improving the quality of life in our local area, Utah. CR-T believes that by supporting our local charitable organizations and outreach programs, we will help strengthen our community. 


Some of the organizations we have assisted and with whom we have active participants are listed below: 

Operation Underground Railroad ...

Where most companies make the amazing decision to give money towards a cause we are fortunate to be able to not only donate money, but provide man power towards this special cause. We have employees with special skills that venture outside of their normal professional duties that give them the opportunity to be able to go and serve overseas to assist in many of the operations that O.U.R., along with A21 and A.I.M., is apart of. We were able to send one of our own employees with suitcases full of medical supplies and money to Eastern Europe, where she was able to assist in an operation with a large criminal trafficking organization. She was gone for a week and a half and came back with tear jerking stories. We are extremely grateful for her desire to go regularly, every year, and serve at her own peril to save children that have been kidnapped, starved, and forgotten.

She was tasked with going to Eastern Europe to save 4 children from slavery and trafficking that were diagnosed with only a few weeks left to live. She had to put her morals aside to go undercover as a member of a neighboring crime organization who wanted to trade the children for common street drugs.

After several spontaneous decisions made in the heat of the moment, she was able to secure enough resources to save 22 children and bring them to loving families who valued these children’s lives for more than the price of a cheap street drug.

Other Organizations That We Support

Utah Food Bank Logo
Utahns against Hunger
The Road Home
Tabitha's Way
Hope Humanitarian