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We provide you 24x7 monitored and managed IT security services. Get the solutions that give you the peace of mind to focus on your job and your growth!


Having the right IT security strategy is critical in the ever changing landscape of the IT world.

To make it easy, our local IT security experts allow you to relax, knowing that your business will be protected through our arsenal of IT security services while having your budget honored and prioritized.

1 %
lack the time to monitor for threats
1 %
of cyberattacks target small to medium sized businesses
1 %
of cyberattacks start off as a spear phishing email.

Get the right Managed IT Security Services you are looking for!

Our Cyber Security Services

Our IT Security Services are designed to provide you maximum value for your budget.

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IT Security Services

Get the benefits of Cyber Threat Intelligence combined with over 30 years of expertise in the IT security services world.

With our help, you can improve your security environment with 24x7 managed security services that meet your compliance needs and expectations.

We deliver around the clock monitoring and administration along with maintenance of your firewall infrastructure. Rest easy knowing that you are both protected and your information, privately secured. 

You get powerful protection and reliable countermeasures provided to you 24×7 while we monitor and maintain your IDS/IPS technology.

Get 24×7 operational administration, monitoring, and maintenance of your next gen firewalls with comprehensive threat intelligence. This gives you full functionality while removing the burden of device management.  

Get 24×7 coverage, monitoring, and management of your WAF firewalls with worldwide visibility and comprehensive threat intelligence giving you full functionality.

Furthermore, our WAF application firewall experts will work with you to configure the best rules and policies that are tailored to your needs

Every Internet-of-Things (IoT) device needs a firewall (CloudGen) and security measures. What is your plan to handle the management, deployment, and cost of every firewall for each IoT based product?

We can show you how!

Keep your systems up-to-date and current so that you are running smoothly and securely. Today’s vulnerabilities can often times be avoided with up-to-date patching and endpoint protection solutions.

Luckily, our managed IT security services make this easy for you.

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IT Security Monitoring

Get 24x7 real-time monitoring, reporting, and expert analysis of your IT environment.

24×7 dedicated security engineers proactively monitoring your network activity while supplying you with vital security updates. Also, you get that coveted peace-of-mind with our detection services and reports that assess your security and network positions. 

Get 24×7 real-time monitoring and get expert analysis of your activities in your IT environment. In addition, our SIEM is backed by strongly tested intelligence platforms, detection and alerting, and top tier security analysts. 

Our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology supports you with threat detection, industry compliance, and security incident management. Furthermore, get real-time and historical collection and analysis of security events whenever you want.

Get 24×7 life-cycle administration and management of log event technologies that provide you the ability to grow and scale. 

Unlike most solutions, you will also have a flexible management infrastructure, satisfying your compliance requirements and have ability to scale.

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Advanced Threat Services

Prevent the advanced threats that linger on the ever-changing IT landscape.

With CR-T, you can leverage cyber threat intelligence to be able to detect and respond to threats that are ever present.

Get the proper protection to meet your high standards. More importantly, your employees are crucial to your business and often times active and mobile. 

With our service, you have drastically improved your response times and reduce efforts required to stop advanced threats that target your employees’ endpoints and infrastructure.

Rest easy knowing that your are being monitored 24×7. Your endpoint activity will be monitored with you being notified if you are breached. Also, you get reports on which systems are compromised, and what vulnerabilities they used to penetrate your defenses. 

As an included service to you, we also consult you on how best to remove the threats as soon as possible.

Our top tier security experts combine the power of industry experience and intelligence with advanced technologies that help you identify, determine, and resolve zero-day threats.

Get deeper event analysis while receiving empowering consulting and education that maps out every step of the process for powerful remediation.

You get peace of mind and well deserved confidence that comes with a good back up disaster and recovery solution that also has the ability to detect ransomware. In addition, get instant backup to a forever cloud along with instant test environments.

Not looking for Managed IT Security Services?

You may have a fully staffed Info Sec or IT Security Team and only need security products and solutions to take you to the next security level. Don’t worry.

We also have you covered with the best prices for security solutions and tool sets!

Our IT Security Consulting Disciplines

One of our core values at CR-T is transparency. We like to speak clear and plain and when IT is boiled down it often comes down to investment cost and expectation. On average, as a small business owner – it is cheaper to use a Managed IT Security Provider like us versus bringing on your own IT staff.

As an medium sized business or enterprise level, you have your own staff. Our Managed IT Security Services make it easy for you to get specialized help and tools to keep your cost down.

Ultimately, save money by going through CR-T. We have spent the hundreds of thousands of dollars required on education and staff that are specialized to carry your burden and tackle any threat or problem that comes your way.

  • Coordinate threat intelligence sources regarding all services and platforms in the enterprise environment
  • Provide a uniform method of vulnerability evaluation across the enterprise environment
  • Penetration Testing
  • SOC II
  • Recommend remediation priority based on internal standards
  • Respond to ad-hoc vulnerability assessment requests outside of patching cycles as needed
  • Certified QualysGuard Vulnerability Management Specialist
  • Evaluate and implement RSA’s Vulnerability Risk Management (VRM) tool
  • Direct a third-party assessment to establish a Secure Configuration initiative across all technology stacks (focusing on current Gold Standard images, NIST compliant configurations)
  • CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security Proffesional
  • CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker
  • MCM – Microsoft Certified Master
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