Protecting G Suite with Barracuda Essentials

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For email clients, Gmail has dependably given spam separating and reliably refreshed their stage to enhance security. Tragically, breaks still happen. Persuading phishing assaults against Gmail clients seen toward the beginning of March 2017 and a Google docs hack toward the beginning of May 2017 demonstrated that everything necessary is one client tapping on a pernicious email to make devastation for different clients and their association.

Where G Suite gives a scope of apparatuses that fulfill most client’s needs, they do not have a few business-basic highlights that a few associations, (for example, civil governments, non-benefits, or school locale) require for both security and consistency.

Beneath, we investigate a couple of the potential issues with G Suite the way things are and a portion of the ways you can address them.

Potential Issues

Gmail gives liberal stockpiling, their own particular special UI, and fundamental assurances from spam, phishing, misrepresentation, and malware—that is the place they stop. With the present risk scene, these essential highlights are insufficient; propelled dangers can at present sneak past G Suite’s barriers. Furthermore, even versatile clients aren’t insusceptible—G Suite just as of late (in April 2017) added highlights to their portable customer to secure against pernicious hyperlinks.

While G Suite’s current highlights are sufficient for some clients, there are still utilize situations where extra layers of insurance are wanted or required. For instance, with the essential administration, Gmail doesn’t give email documenting, which is something a little therapeutic or law office would require for consistency. Also, filing information requires their Vault item, which is a different membership or part of their more costly Business class benefit; Data Leak Protection (DLP) is just included at their most astounding Enterprise level of administration. Metropolitan governments and school regions can confront similar worries with email security—their organization is liable to legitimate and administrative necessities that people and numerous other independent companies don’t confront.

Barracuda Essentials

As a leader in cloud-integrated security, Barracuda provides a comprehensive solution for these problems. Barracuda Essentials includes an email protection layer with Barracuda Email Security Service, which gives robust spam and phishing protection, anti-virus, and anti-malware capability. It also includes an email continuity service to cover a potential Google’s system outage. While outages in Gmail are rare, the ability to continue sending and receiving emails even during an outage can be a lifesaver for any business.

Link Protection adds another layer of security by rewriting potentially hostile links and checking them at “time-of-click” to protect users from malicious sites. Link Protection even includes a user training element to help users understand the threats we’re protecting them against and how to avoid them in the future. As they say, “knowing is half the battle,” and Link Protection can give users the knowledge.

With Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) we add a layered defense against sophisticated malware and ransomware attacks, including protection against never seen before zero-day exploits. ATP leverages Barracuda’s entire suite of products, including email security, next-generation firewalls, and web security gateways to drive breadth and depth of information into the machine learning system.

As mentioned earlier, several industries require comprehensive, immutable archives of all email sent or received from protected accounts for regulatory compliance. Gmail’s Vault doesn’t meet that sort of regulatory requirement; Essentials, on the other hand, includes a journaled archive system that does.

Archiving isn’t just useful for compliance. While Gmail provides tagging and search capabilities out of the box, Barracuda’s archive solution provides versatile, granular, tools that let end users search their own archived emails.

Finally, Barracuda Essentials includes DLP functionality to prevent sensitive data from leaking from your organization through email.

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