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Organize Your Download Folder with DropIt

Your Downloads folder is a special mess. Everything in it is something you downloaded with some kind of purpose in mind. With your Downloads folder, you can’t just hit “Select All” and delete everything. As satisfying as that would be, you need those files and the only reasonable thing to do is to organize your mess, a daunting task for many of us.

DropIt is a free open-source utility that automatically processes your files using parameters that you define. For example, after you determine how deeply organized you want your pictures in your Downloads folder to be, you would then attach DropIt to your folder and let it do its thing.

DropIt will then create an images subfolder and automatically move all the image files into the new subfolder. You can select file size parameters so that unusable pictures that are less than 10KB in size are deleted, along with TMP files if you are so inclined. DropIt would do the same with your music files, your ZIP files, and so forth.

Once DropIt is married to your Downloads folder, it will then automatically direct every new file that hits your Downloads folder into an appropriate subfolder. It’s important to note that DropIt is not limited to just your Downloads folder (this folder just has the reputation for being the messiest); DropIt can work with any folder, and even multiple folders at the same time.

You can have DropIt setup on your Desktop and simply drag and drop (thus the name), your files over it. DropIt will then put your files where they are supposed to go. It’s kind of like having a maid service for your PC. Now, if only the makers of DropIt could program a solution to take care of the clutter in people’s homes!

What do you think about DropIt? Are you a digital neat freak that takes care of every new file as soon as it’s created? Or is your Downloads folder so cluttered that it would take you half a day to organize it manually? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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