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Hot Off The Press: The Remember Ring

Alaska Jewelry has a solution, the Remember Ring. Never again will you have to worry about forgetting your significant other’s birthday or anniversary again with the Remember Ring. It does this with a micro thermopile built directly into the band which is covered with a water proof plate engraved with the reminder date. The day before said date, the ring heats up to a discomforting 120⁰F (48⁰C) for 10 seconds every hour. That kind of reminder is hard to ignore!

Sure you could take the ring off and put it in your pocket if you really wanted to ignore it, but chances are you’d be sleeping on the couch, or worse if you come home without it on. That’s directly opposite of what the Remember Ring has been developed for. Use it to remind yourself to buy a gift, make reservations and be extra nice a year in advance. Used properly, the Remember Ring will ensure that your never in the doghouse again, and may even conclude in a tremendous reward!

The ring is still in concept phase but is being tested with a couple of individuals. It’s virtually maintenance free, utilizing your body heat to generate electricity. Then when the time comes, it works it’s magic and it’ll save the day. All you have to do is wear it and clean it. Happiness although, comes at a price. The ring can currently be purchased for $760 directly from Alaska Jewelry’s website with no expected shipping date. When ordering, you provide them with a date and they’ll program it for you. The ring also comes with a lifetime warranty.

If you think that the Remember Ring could have saved your hide in the past, or if you have any suggestions where this technology could be useful in other applications, be sure to post in the comments below. Even if you think your significant other would be upset because you required a reminder for that special day, they won’t be disappointed the first few times it serves its purpose.

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