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Jacob ( Director of IT, Utah Food Bank )

My name is Jacob Buhler, I am the director of IT at the Utah Food Bank. I have had the privilege of using Calculated Research for years. I have been so pleased with their service. They have gone out of their way whenever there has been an issue or to customize any system that I need. They build such great systems and use such high end parts that it I rarely need to ever call for service, but when I do they respond immediately. Having not to deal with hardware issues is absolutely fantastic. Knowing that my users and servers will never be down because I can get help with my hardware immediately is a great peace of mind. I know dealing with national brands I have never have had the great success and service that I do dealing with CR-T. I am a loyal and happy customer that will continue to use CR-T for my user end computers and servers and I am grateful for their great service.

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