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Why Does Dell’s Latitude 7390 Belong In Your Office?

We live in an ever moving, ever mobile world and it’s no wonder that you expect your technology to also fit your fast-paced lifestyle.

When it comes down to being a business owner/CEO, an IT professional, or an employee, you want to make sure that your computer is able to keep up.  With your expertise, you don’t want a computer that will slow you down.

Let’s break down the Latitude 7390 business-class laptop specs along with the Latitude 7390 2-in-1 combination. You will be able to see how they excel over the rest!

Dell’s Latitude 7390 Intel Processor

8th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-8650U Processor (Quad Core, 8MB Cache, 1.9GHz, 15W, vPro)

The 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8650U laptop processor (business-class) is slightly faster. This is due to its higher clock speeds of 1.9 GHz – 4.2 GHz as opposed to 1.8 GHz – 4 GHz from its other processor siblings.

The 8650U has Intel vPro built-in. vPro technology makes managing of PC systems in business environments easier while providing enhanced security.

Furthermore, this stunning laptop not only provides you with Intel vPro manageability but also gives you MIL-STD-810g certification against vibration, shock, and other environment extremes.

Latitude 7390 Port Selection is Impressive

Sometimes buying a new computer puts you in a frustrating situation. It is no fun when you buy a new computer and the manufacturer has removed the ports you are used to. When you open the box, and it’s not there, frustrations arise.

The Latitude 7390 does not disappoint in this way. The port selection is quite impressive. On the Latitude’s left side, you’ll find a SmartCard slot, USB 3.0 and HDMI ports, a Thunderbolt 3 port, and the power connector. On the right, you have an Ethernet port, another USB 3.0 port, micro SD and SIM card slots, an audio jack, and a Noble lock slot for securing the laptop to an anti-theft cable.

Battery Life That Lasts

Tests show that battery life of the business edition lasted 19 hours ( light usage) according to Dell. Other tests yielded 12.5 hours with typical usage behaviors. A heavy usage test yielded 7.5 hours with the brightness set to 75 percent while using a 60Whr battery option. Those numbers prove more than enough for a full day’s work. You may even have a little juice for Netflix or light gaming time at the end of the day.

The 2-in-1 tablet style Dell Latitude 7390 battery life lasts an impressive 12.5 hours according to Dell specs. With typical work like behavior, you can see battery life lasting 7.5 hours.

You can seamlessly move between your desk and meetings with features like Express Charge. It gives you up to an 80% charge in less than an hour!


The Dell Latitude 7390 business-class laptops and 2-in-1 tablet style laptops start at a weight of only 2.59 lbs. The 2-in-1 version comes with an easy button operated self-extending kick stand. This allows you to maneuver in cramped spaces on an airplane or in an Uber. It also makes it very easy to open your 2-in-1 and prop it up all with one hand.

The Latitude is also beneficial for its sleek and fairly thin profile starting .63 of an inch thick with the key board.

Dell Latitude 7390

 “The Latitude 7390 is super fast making  heavy multi-tasking to be no problem at all!”

Dell Latitude 7390 Laptop and Dell Latitude 7390 2-in-1 Performance

Dell operates with full-power Intel processors for the Latitude 7390 2-in-1 and Laptop. It features quick performance with super smooth multi-tasking. The 2-in-1 features 8th Gen Intel Core i5 U-series chip with 8 GB of RAM and 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 U-series in the Laptop.

Don’t forget, web browsing also received some well-earned TLC with a speed boost from a 2x2ac WiFi connectivity.

Don’t judge the book by its cover or size. The keys on the keyboard are deep and comfortable. The touch pad on the keyboard is quite responsive. Long hours in the office are also made easier with a back-lit keyboard feature. That makes it useful to see the keys in darker environments. In the end, if you are a productivity-focused user, you should have no problem getting a lot done with the Latitude 7390 2-in-1.

Let’s not forget about the display!

The beautiful 13” Full HD display features a narrow border which was engineered to fit a 12” frame for lighter weight and a better viewing experience. Dell also threw in an anti-glare screen!

While the 13.3-inch display doesn’t fold all the way back, it does go 180 degrees. And with it’s touch-screen capabilities, laying the screen all the way back makes light work of scrolling through articles and watching videos.

Made with premium materials like recycled carbon fiber, you can rely on your Latitude’s durability.

The Latitude 7390 is Trusted By IT

Security is a major plus with the laptop as well. Security is better thanks to easy facial recognition, sign-in from Windows Hello, and a fingerprint reader as a backup. There are also other security additions including hardware and software security features that businesses will appreciate (including a contactless smart card reader).

You can rest assured that your data is always protected with a wide variety of bio-metric readers and encrypted hard drives.

Overall, with an innovative design, Latitude laptops and 2-in-1’s are devices you will be proud to carry. Dell Latitude gives users the power and connectivity they need throughout the day, no matter how they work.

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Barracuda Web Application Security

Complete OWASP Protection

Barracuda Security ensures against all OWASP-recorded assaults, including the “fundamental 10” (SQL Injection, cross-site scripting, CSRF, and so on.), and late increments, for instance, API security. Impelled logging and reporting gives significant view into movement and ambush purposes of enthusiasm, enabling heads to square, throttle, redirect, or take a couple of various exercises to keep up add up to confirmation.

Application Learning (Adaptive Profiling)

Barracuda Security make positive security profiles for applications by looking at web development from place stock. Once engaged, the positive security profiles empower executives to uphold granular white-list administers on fragile parts of the application. This amazingly reduces the risk of attacks and checks zero-day vulnerabilities.

Server Cloaking

Frequently the initial step of a focused on assault is to test open confronting applications to find out about the fundamental servers, databases, and working frameworks. Shrouding anticipates assault surveillance by stifling server standards, blunder messages, HTTP headers, return codes, troubleshoot data, or backend IP delivers from spilling to a potential assailant.

URL Encryption

Encode URLs before they are sent to customers, and guarantee the first URLs or the registry structure are never presented remotely to prying eyes*. End clients of the web applications connect and explore the website utilizing just scrambled URLs, which are decoded by the WAF. The unscrambling procedure promptly recognizes URL question or parameter altering, pernicious substance infusion or visually impaired intense perusing assaults.

* WAF models 660 and above

Geo-IP and IP Reputation Checking

Utilizing customer source addresses, associations can control access to web assets. Barracuda Security provides the Barracuda Web Application Firewall which can control get to in light of GeoIP to constrain get to just to determined areas. It is likewise coordinated with the Barracuda Reputational Database and can distinguish suspicious IP addresses, bots, TOR systems and different unknown intermediaries that are regularly utilized by assailants to conceal their personality and area. Once an IP address is distinguished as a hazard, executives can piece, point of confinement, throttle, or issue a CAPTCHA challenge previously permitting access.

Integrations: MaxMind

Virtual Patching and Vulnerability Scanner Integration

Coordinate with Barracuda Vulnerability Manager, Cenzic Hailstorm, HPE Security WebInspect, HPE Security Fortify On Demand, or IBM AppScan to naturally design an application’s security layout and ensure against distinguished issues. The majority of this is programmed utilizing the yield information from the scanners (with no overseer mediation).

Barracuda Security provides Barracuda Web Application Firewall which incorporates with more than 20 powerlessness scanners by means of Denim Threadfix combination.

Malware Protection and Anti-Virus

Barracuda Security provides consistent reconciliation with Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection (BATP) to give security against cutting edge dangers. Basically add BATP to the Barracuda WAF to square propelled zero-hour dangers. By breaking down documents in a CPU-imitating based sandbox, it can recognize, and square malware installed somewhere inside records transferred to sites or web applications.

Outbound Data Loss Prevention

Investigates all outbound activity for touchy information spillage. Substance, for example, charge card numbers, U.S. government managed savings numbers, or some other custom examples are recognized and can either blocked or covered without head mediation. Moreover, the data is logged and can be utilized by chairmen to discover potential holes.

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Why Multi-Factor Authentication is Way Better Than Passwords

Multi-factor authentication is a major part of securing important information systems from potential threats. It provides a secondary layer of credentials that need to be provided in order to access sensitive data. By using multi-factor authentication, you’re making it twice as difficult for hackers to access your data, which mitigates much of the risk. By taking advantage of multi-factor authentication tactics, you can limit your data’s exposure to threats and maximize security.

Here are a few examples of how multi-factor authentication works:

  • Biometric scanning: Fingerprints, iris and retina scans, facial-recognition software, voice recognition software, hand shape, and other physical variables.
  • Location factors: GPS tracking, used in many smartphones, can be used to ensure that logins are occurring from legitimate devices rather than from illogical IP addresses.
  • Possession factors: If a user has specific devices on their person, like a key card or a smartphone, they have access to several forms of multi-factor authentication procedures.

Multi-factor Authentication Technologies
Depending on what type of authentication protocol you use, you’ll have either a hardware-based device, or a software-based security token. An example of a hardware-based security measure is a USB dongle that acts as a key to the device, while software-based tokens generate a security code that is sent to a smartphone. There are many other types of multi-factor authentication, like those that take advantage of biometrics, but due to the incredible popularity of smartphones in the business world, the most common methods of multi-factor authentication are by far SMS messages that are sent to a user’s smartphone.

Other security practices that are seen quite often are employee ID cards and GPS technology that verifies the location of the person accessing the account or building. Some people are even hardcore enough to embed smart chips in their hands, but that’s a topic to discuss another day. Basically, executives and IT professionals are doing whatever it takes to ensure that their physical and digital infrastructures remain secure from any and all trespassers.

Your business need to take advantage of the most powerful security solutions on the market if you want to ensure that your business’s assets are protected from all kinds of threats. For more information about multi-factor authentication, give us a call at PHONENUMBER.