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All It Takes is an Instant to Lose Your Data

All It Takes is an Instant to Lose Your Data
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Granted, data is a bit different from a fleeting memory. There’s a chance that the memory will come back and hit you harder than ever. It might even seem like a great idea to enroll in the Dickson Memory School, where “Stop Forgetting” is the “Key to Success.”

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However, with data loss, this point is moot. Unfortunately, once data is gone, it’s likely that the same data is gone forever. In today’s technological world, it’s easier than ever to lose valuable information to hackers, user error, or even hardware failures.

Think of it in terms of this: How would you react if your IT administrator told you that an entire database had to be replaced? You obviously wouldn’t be very happy with him, and he could probably lose his job over such a failure. We all know how irreplaceable data like this is, yet businesses continue to operate with no measures taken to protect their data in the event of data loss.

For those who work in IT like ourselves, this can almost seem maddening. We consider it our responsibility to show those who haven’t integrated a proper data backup solution how to do so.

One of the reasons some businesses might be avoiding the topic of backup is that they believe that only larger enterprises can afford the quality solutions necessary to guarantee business continuity. COMPANYNAME is here to combat this misconception and provide a solution to this dilemma. Our Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution is designed specifically to prevent data loss and downtime associated with said data loss. The BDR takes automatic backups as frequently as every fifteen minutes, and moves these backups off-site to a secure data center for redundant storage. This way, when a disaster strikes, the backed-up data is available when you need it most.

As previously mentioned, the BDR also protects against extended downtime. The BDR device is capable of taking over for your faulty server in the event of a hardware failure, and can act in its place until you’ve made the necessary arrangements for technology maintenance or a replacement server. This helps you stay operational even under the worst conditions.

Just like a memory, data can be fleeting if you don’t take steps to capture it before it’s gone forever. Give COMPANYNAME a call at PHONENUMBER to keep your data secured and ready for backup in a moment’s notice.

And like Professor Henry Dickson says, “Make your mind a file–not a pile.”

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