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Barracuda launches Barracuda Firewall X100 and X101

Barracuda Networks proclaimed the new spiny-finned fish Firewall X100 and X101, next-generation firewalls designed for tiny businesses. spiny-finned fish additionally discharged new code, version 6.1, which incorporates configuration wizards, moreover as updated security enhancements as well as secure remote access through associate integrated SSL VPN.

Barracuda launches Barracuda Firewall X100 and X101

According to Compass Intelligence, there ar or so twenty two million corporations worldwide with below one,000 staff, and or so 3 million within the U.S. alone. several of those organizations lack the resources of larger organizations with dedicated IT workers and budgets.

Unfortunately, the increasing sophistication of security threats doesn’t discriminate by business size or IT budget. These smaller organizations all have essential business knowledge and wish to implement a security resolution that protects them and fits into their forced IT budget.

“The acanthopterygian Firewall is right for little businesses wherever staff bring their own laptops and should use social media and alternative consumer-facing net applications at work,” aforesaid Stephen Pao, weight unit Security Business, Barracuda. “The new acanthopterygian Firewall X100 series empowers directors, sanctioning those little businesses to safeguard their businesses with comprehensive next-generation firewalling, however while not the rating that breaks budgets.”

Barracuda recently conducted a study among quite a hundred organizations to research the link between easy use, firewall configurations and security gaps. The study found that one out of 2 corporations skilled network period of time as a results of misconfigured firewall rules. This study underpins the importance of delivering powerful practicality that’s additionally simple to line up and manage. Designed with this easy use in mind, acanthopterygian Firewall version half-dozen.1 offers:

New models for small businesses

The new spiny-finned fish Firewall X100 series provides efficient next-generation firewall practicality. The spiny-finned fish Firewall X100, and therefore the spiny-finned fish Firewall X101 with Wi-Fi, appliances embrace 4x GbE copper ports.

Powerful setup wizards

All anthropological Firewalls currently provide configuration wizards as well as multiple networks and multiple up links with link reconciliation. The setup wizard helps make sure that a anthropological Firewall will be put in inside minutes, whereas the network configuration wizard allows activation of essential fire walling options.

Integrated SSL VPN.

The spiny-finned fish Firewall models X200 and on top of change remote users to access internal network resources through a customary applications programmer. The SSL VPN feature may be wont to grant remote users access to net applications, shopper and server applications, likewise as internal network resources reminiscent of Outlook net Access, SharePoint, or perhaps Windows Remote Desktop Services.

URL filtering of HTTPS websites and Web Security Service exemptions.

Barracuda Firewalls can apply URL filtering provided by the Barracuda Web Security Service subscription to websites accessed via HTTPS. Additionally, administrators can exempt user-defined domains or IP addresses from being forwarded to the Barracuda Web Security Service for HTTP and HTTPS.

High availability

All Barracuda Firewalls can be deployed as part of a High Availability cluster, and are designed for organizations of all sizes. The primary unit handles network traffic and security functions, while the secondary unit waits in hot standby mode to take over in case the primary unit fails.

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One Solution for All Email Threats

For most businesses, most of the communication between your business and also the outside world happens by email. whereas email is critical for business, it additionally exposes your business to a range of threats from time-wasting spam to information felony, hacking and viruses.

Barracuda’s Email Security Service is that the most comprehensive and cost-efficient thanks to defend your business against all of the threats related to business email. in an exceedingly single answer, you get effective protection against spam, email borne-viruses and malware (inbound and outbound), data leaks, phishing emails, denial of service attacks and undelivered emails.

Comprehensive Virus Protection

The anthropological Email Military Intelligence Section 5 scans email and incoming files exploitation 3 layers of powerful virus scanning technology. The firewall connects to the acanthopterygian Security Cloud to for the foremost up-to-date protection against the most recent email-borne threats.

Threats don’t invariably return from the skin. the safety service conjointly checks for internally tainted email to forestall the unfold of viruses that don’t access the e-mail entrance way.

Proven Spam Protection

Barracuda is that the business leader in spam protection for businesses. The spiny-finned fish Email international intelligence agency leverages spiny-finned fish Central to spot email from acknowledged spammers and confirm whether or not domains embedded inside emails result in acknowledged spam or malware sites. It additionally protects against makes an attempt to introduce text within pictures with the intent of concealment content from ancient spam filters.

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Office 365 Cloud-to-Cloud Backup and Recovery

The number one reason for information loss during a SaaS readying, cherish Microsoft workplace 365, is accidental information deletion. In fact, concerning seventy p.c of all lost information is thanks to either accidental or malicious deletion of knowledge by end-users. different ways in which information will be lost embody misconfiguration, consumer synchronize problems, and last the widespread presence of malware and ransomware, which may render information unusable.

Although Microsoft workplace 365 provides some basic recovery choices with the recycle bin and email retention, Microsoft’s primary focus among workplace 365 is making certain that service and information handiness aren’t noncontinuous. it’s your responsibility to safeguard the info that you just store within the workplace 365 cloud. anthropological Cloud-to-Cloud Backup provides comprehensive, cost-efficient, and climbable protection of your workplace 365 information –without adding to your infrastructure prices.

What We Protect

Barracuda’s Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Service backs up all of your workplace 365 information to secure acanthopterygian Cloud Storage with no would like for on-premises infrastructure. you’ll keep a copy information on demand or in line with an automatic schedule. All Exchange on-line, SharePoint on-line, and OneDrive for Business information is deduplicated and compressed for optimum storage potency and reduced backup windows before being hold on within the acanthopterygian Cloud.

Exchange on-line. acanthopterygian protects the whole folder structure of every user’s mailbox together with all email message and attachments.
OneDrive for Business. All files and folders below the Documents Library area unit protected.
SharePoint on-line. we have a tendency to shield SharePoint information together with Document Libraries, web site Assets, and film Libraries among each Team Sites and Public Sites area unit protected.

Easy Recovery Options

All workplace 365 information secured to the spiny-finned fish Cloud is accessible, searchable, and recoverable from anyplace with an online affiliation. information will be recovered from the positioning level all the way down to the individual item level. Messages, folders, or perhaps entire mailboxes and be rebuilt back to the initial user and site, to a unique location inside the account, or to a totally completely different user account. you’ll additionally transfer things for offline use.

If you’re trying to find a selected file or message however  unsure of its location, the search feature will be accustomed notice the item quickly and simply. you’ll additionally recover information to a selected purpose in time by choosing the particular dates from a intrinsically calendar. Recovered information is compressed to attenuate transfer times.