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Tutorial: Master the Art of the Mail Merge, Part 1

Want to send out a large number of documents that are almost the same aside from a few specific areas? One example would be a letter to all of your existing clients about a new product or service, but you want each letter to address the recipient’s name and company. This looks like a job for the mail merge!

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Biggest Security Risk: Not Assessing Issues

Let’s get theoretical here. Let’s say your friend Hank suffers from chest pain. It could be nothing, but chest pain isn’t something you want to mess around with, so you suggest that Hank goes to a doctor to get it checked out. There are certain things in life you don’t just let happen without getting an assessment to make sure they don’t turn into bigger issues, right? Your business’s IT security is one of those things.

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IT Wonderland

Everyone at COMPANYNAME would like to wish you and yours a happy holidays and a fantastic new year!  We hope you can spend the holidays sharing precious time with friends and family.

Let’s all spread some fun holiday cheer and get ready to face all of the opportunities and challenges of 2012 head-on!

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