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Barracuda Spam Firewall Fast and Affordable

Hardware, Virtual or Cloud-Based Solutions

The Barracuda Spam Firewall is accessible in both equipment and virtual shape factors. In the event that you lean toward a cloud-based deployment, you can shield yourself from email-borne dangers utilizing the facilitated Barracuda Email Security Service. This is a facilitated answer for associations that would prefer not to manage the issues of dealing with an on-premises device.

Deploy in as Little as 30 Minutes

The Barracuda Spam Firewall is composed as a fitting and play gadget. Once introduced on your system, setup is done effortlessly through an online interface. An underlying sending normally takes under 30 minutes.

Flexible Security Policies

This simplicity of setup does not come to the detriment of adaptability. While the default email security settings are regularly all that numerous associations ever require, there is a wide scope of settings that can be redone to meet uncommon business prerequisites.

For instance, some email sources can be whitelisted to sidestep sifting, while different sources can be boycotted for finish blocking. Managers can redo channels freely for inbound and outbound email to specifically avert section of email content that is touchy in nature or in opposition to your association’s guidelines.

Cloud-Based Management

All Barracuda Security and reinforcement items are coordinated with the Barracuda Cloud Control (BCC) web-based management portal. With BCC, you can deal with the majority of your Barracuda¬†devices through a solitary interface. From a “solitary sheet of glass” UI, you can oversee approaches for the greater part of your firewall and reinforcement items and administrations.

In the event that messages can’t be conveyed to their essential goal, it is conceivable to re-course them to a reinforcement goal. With the Barracuda Message Archiver, you can keep up a lasting, accessible reinforcement of all emails. This guarantees no message is lost.

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