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Barracuda NextGen Firewall F180

Barracuda NextGen Firewall F180 Review  Firewalls is pointed immovably at SMBs and situations, for example, branch office organizations. Four new work area models join this huge group of apparatuses and are intended to offer undertaking highlights, for example, propelled movement advancement and cloud application controls.

The F180 on survey can deal with around 75 clients with all security administrations empowered or up to 150 clients if it’s sent only for secure remote access. System alternatives look great as it collaborates six Gigabit Ethernet ports with a basic 8-port switch and includes 802.11n remote administrations.

Barracuda NextGen Firewall F180 Review

Barracuda NG Firewall has endeavored to streamline its different memberships to keep away from any shrouded costs, yet there are still extremely numerous choices to drive through. The F180 equipment costs £1,599 ex VAT. This incorporates the ‘base permit’ which incorporates firewall, hostile to spam, mail portal and essential VPN server capacities. To get refreshes for this however, you’ll require an Energize Update membership. A one-year Energize Update membership costs £299, as does the different Instant Replacement benefit which is basically a next business day substitution guarantee benefit for flawed equipment.

Mail entryway and hostile to spam administrations, which are just accessible on the F180 and bigger models, are incorporated into the base permit. The web security benefit costs another £498 every year and incorporates Barracuda’s web channel and malware insurance.

You likewise get IPSec VPN administrations incorporated into the base permit, however in the event that you need Barracuda’s smooth CudaLaunch SSL VPN gateway then you’ll require a Premium Remote Access membership which costs £169 for one year. There’s additional as Barracuda’s new Advanced Threat Detection (ATD) benefit adds another £299 to the yearly bill.

A lofty expectation to learn and adapt

Barracuda guarantees the NextGen apparatuses are anything but difficult to arrange, yet we tend to disagree. The F180 doesn’t have a web interface. You oversee singular firewalls utilizing Barracuda’s NG Admin convenient customer (which can be keep running off a USB streak drive), while different firewalls can be overseen utilizing the discretionary NG Control Center VM.

Introductory organization is without bother as NG Admin starts up a wizard on first contact with the apparatus. It makes a straightforward extension over the initial two Gigabit Ethernet ports for assessment purposes or sets it up in steering mode for creation conditions.

It get a considerable measure trickier from here on in, essentially because of the mind-boggling scope of security includes on offer. Every adjustment likewise requires the significant setup page to be opened for compose get to. Resulting changes must be spared to the apparatus and afterward enacted.


All things being equal, we were inspired with the dashboard which gives a total review of all administrations and updates, a continuous activity diagram and cautions on real security occasions. The Firewall tab demonstrates permitted and blocked applications and URL classifications and also the most recent dangers. The utilization of gadgets implies the view can be tweaked to suit.

Guidelines for everything

Baracuda NG Firewall rules include sources, goals, administrations in addition to activity strategies. Inside every one, you can empower application controls, URL sifting, SSL capture attempt and ATD. Barracuda gives around 100 URL separating classifications and we made a scope of firewall objects with various arrangements of blocked classifications, implementing them with application rules.

Principles additionally control chosen applications and Barracuda offers predefined rules for several applications, prepared for utilize. Normally, Twitter and Facebook are available with the last giving twelve sections to controlling different long range interpersonal communication exercises. Application tenets can likewise be utilized to enable access to applications amid particular circumstances and apply QoS profiles to throttle or organize their movement.

Barracuda NG Firewall controls allow you to fine tune access to a wide range of business cloud apps

For anti-virus scanning, you can globally enable the Avira or ClamAV scanning engines on all policies. If performance isn’t an issue, you can have them both active.

Wireless traffic will be subjected to all firewall checks and guest users can be redirected to a custom web portal complete with AUP agreement.

Anti-spam setup takes a little longer as we had to create mail gateway and spam filter services first as they aren’t enabled by default. Along with scanning mail and sending it on to an internal mail server, there’s also an option in the mail gateway service to transparently scan POP3 traffic.

Advanced Threat Detection

ATD combats the latest malware threats and zero-day exploits by using Barracuda’s cloud-based sandbox technology to safely execute and analyse files to determine if they’re safe. It’s easy enough to configure as you decide whether files, such as Office docs, PDFs and ZIP archives, are uploaded to the cloud and scanned first or delivered and then scanned.

After testing ATD, we were sufficiently impressed to recommend it highly. It has its own dashboard status widget where we could see files being uploaded for scanning and those being blocked. We could also manually upload files and have them checked.

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